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For centuries, humans have sought ways to improve and sustain their lives with various medications. From the ancient Greeks and Romans who used opium to relieve pain to alleviating fatigue and relief, to the early medical doctors who first investigated its effects, community cannabis was one of the first drug therapies used by doctors.

More than a century ago, when many young people began using marijuana as a recreational drug, it was still considered a harmful substance. As more time passed and more research was conducted, more positive findings came out. Many studies show that cannabis is an effective therapy for pain and nausea and can reduce both anxiety and depression.

Today, there are several ways to find a cannabis strain that works for you. There are thousands of entries on www.gardenergatechamber.

Sour Diesel

7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

Named for the American city where it is grown, Sour Diesel is a large, THC-rich plant known as a indica. Unlike its more popular cousin, hashish, which is cultivated predominantly in Europe, California has been cultivating this drug for decades.

Known as diaet or death weed to cannabis smokers around the world, Sour Diesel is typically a medium to strong marijuana strain. Some people prefer it weaker than others, and that is totally normal!

Because of its higher CBD content, some people find Sour diesel less effective against anxiety than other strains. Also, because it takes longer to get an adequate supply of sour diesel from this strain, some people buy it on special occasions like Halloween or Christmas to let them enjoy it all month long.

If you are looking for a stronger version of this breed-specific drug, consider upgrading your sour diesel with an Indica or dipshalamus for a daytime (daytime) strain.

Purple Urkle

7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

Purple Urkle is a citrusy, pine scenting dominant in this strain. It also has a light palate-scented butter with some pepper kick.

Purple Urkle is a medium to high strength strain. It typically takes between two and four hours to feel it after smoking it and one hour for it to take effect. This can be problematic when looking for help as the person may not know what they are feeling until after the client has expressed their experience.

Very few people can tell apart the concentrate from the plant itself unless they have already tried it.

Death Star

7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

A ultra-large hybrid with a reputation for being tough, Death Star is known for its long life and consistent production.

As the name suggests, this plant is born as a giant multi-branched organism, or Darth Vader hair for lack of an appropriate term. After growing to its full height, it cuts off its stalk and distributes its roots, which sprout tall stems.

These stems continue to grow in size as the plant grows in size, sprouting more leaves and eventually a head of thick stem. If this plant were to hold a birthday party, then Death Star would be the cake!

Because of its length of growth, Death Star can sometimes struggle with airflow when it is big. To prevent plants from suffering from dryness or air pollution, look for plants that are healthy and have plenty of growth.

Tahoe Trippy

7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

Named after the beautiful, surreal terrain it comes from, Tahoe Trippy is a unique strain that is hard to classification.

Known for its daytime naps, this strain will never deliver a heavy high. Instead, it is known for its uplifting and therapeutic effects.

This strain is not recommended for beginners, as it can be somewhat strong and can make you feel very stoned. For professionals only!

Because of its unclassifiable qualities, this strain has been called many things: mystery herb, paradoxical herb, black magic herb, magic weed, and even gods Weed.

Vanila Kush

7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

Vanila Kush is a citrusy, spicy strain designed to give you a bit of a headache but an extremely pleasurable high. It was created in Cali by two competing Kush kush growers, who decided to combine their strains to create this beautiful purple Kush.

Vanilla kush is known for giving you a very mellow high, which is nice if you are thinking about what else to do while your cannabis is being infused. Because it is so popular, it can get expensive- especially when you have to pay multiple people to access it.

To heal the cost issue, several growers have started growing Vanilla Kush herself, which she takes her time To do! This is such a wonderful quality strain that everyone should have access to.


7 Best Cannabis Strains Born and Bred in California: A Connoisseur's Guide

Named for the famed American musician Jimi Hendrix, this strain is named for its strong diesel smell. Developed in Redwood City, Calif., this strain was introduced to dispensaries by a local farm.

This green marijuana plant is named for its glossy leaves, which look almost metallic in color. They can range from light pastels to dark forest greens, with a slight undertone of chocolate or vanilla.

Because of its rich color, people use this in desserts or as a garnish on drinks. Its name comes from the fact that it can taste somewhat like diesel or gasoline.

It also contains some psychoactive compounds (THC and CBD) that may add to its effects. Because of its effects, it is not suitable for everyone.

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