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All you need to know about Marijuana Cured Concentrates and Live Resin Concentrates-

  • Cured concentrates-

Diamonds, sauces, wet and dry sugars, budders, batters, wax, and crumble. Whatever concentrate you like, Hype Cannabis Co. has it covered. To provide you with the quality and power you would expect from market-leading genetics, OG flavors are extracted using classic, tried-and-true techniques. Your one-stop shop for top-quality extracts is Hype’s Cured Resin Concentrates.

You may be sure that we bring the Hype to improve your life since our products are correctly cured to their maximum potential and include the best terpene and cannabinoid profiles accessible. No fillers or terpenes other than those derived from marijuana are utilized in producing any of our cured concentrates since, as we all know, only accurate fire can provide the kind of quality Hype offers you.

Live resin concentrates-

Hype creates Live Resin using our just-frozen marijuana flowers, astounding you with their extraordinary intensity and intact terpene profile, communicating everything this great genetics offer. We can maintain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other delicate properties of our distinctive strains because we flash-freeze our cannabis as soon as it is harvested.

Through extraction, all the unwanted plant material, fats and lipids, and any other contaminants are taken out of the cannabinoids and terpenes, leaving us with a great finished product to give to you! It is how we keep our flowers in this frozen form!

Live Resin Extraction: How Is Live Resin Made-?

Many processors employ mild hydrocarbon extraction with butane and propane as solvents to protect the terpenes from the plant. To preserve the valuable terpene profile of the marijuana strain, the solvents used in the extraction procedure take out the dissolved cannabis trichomes, along with many of its terpenes.

The extraction of live resin takes place at relatively low temperatures to lessen

the possibility of damaging the volatile terpenes and the number of remaining solvents in the crude extract. After the wax has been removed, the concentrate is put in a vacuum chamber to let the remaining solvents evaporate. The remaining solvents have safe and specified cut-off values in several states.

Cured Resin Extraction: How Is Cured Resin Made?

Marijuana plants in full bloom and maturity are used to produce cured resin. Farmers use a drying and curing procedure to eliminate dangerous bacteria and lessen the possibility of mold, mildew, and rot once the cannabis plant is harvested. In addition, the perfume and flavor of the flower have been refined and made more delicious after a few weeks or months of curing.

How Is Cured Resin Used?

Depending on its usage, the cured resin is applied in various ways. For instance, the dried resin can make marijuana extracts that can be vaporized or dabbed.

Effects from inhaling cured resin can be powerful and quick-acting. The cured resin can be added to various goods, such as tinctures, capsules, edibles, topicals, and more.

Live Resin vs. Cured Resin: Which One Is Right For You?

Live resin has a more significant concentration of the marijuana plant’s terpenes than cured resin, yet both have substantial therapeutic advantages. For most folks, the cured resin can be a fantastic place to start, but with its terpenes, the live resin can provide additional health advantages. Ultimately, it can come down to which extract is more economical.

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