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As discussed in the bullet point, cannabis events are a great way to gather with other marijuana users. At these events, you can learn about upcoming laws and trends in cannabis culture, enjoy other attendees’ stories, and hear from speakers on many different stages.

Many state capitals and governors have invited cannabis event organizers to their cities for cannabis event series, so there is always room for new members of the community.

Weed Day

Beginning in March, designated Weed Day is a regular event that happens every year in California. It is celebrated by going to various locations and sharing cannabis with friends and family.

Usually, people get a alarm at 7:00 AM to leave for the event at noon, making it a full day of activities. There are typically events throughout the day including herb-infused drinks, cannabis fun games, educational panels, and of course, the traditional weed smoking.

Some of the most popular events include sharing a shake made with THC-infused milk and fruit; attending a Weed Day pot party; or even just attending the event without using any cannabis-based drugs.

The effects of weed are not really remembered or retained like some drugs do.

Holler & Howl

Fall is a beautiful season, and cannabis culture is always on-top of the trends! There are many festivals and gatherings where members of the cannabis community can meet- election events, pot-stock events, beer drinking parties, and more.

Many of these events have pass-wearing requirements so do not worry about joining a forum or group unless you feel ready for that level of involvement. Most work at their first event so hard you would not want to go away!

If you are not already a member of a club or event yourself, start looking now as there may be LIMITED spots left! These events run on ticket sales rather than just showing up, so being early sales wise is key.

4th Annual Cannabis Cup

The fourth annual Cannabis Cup held in Los Angeles, California on October 6, 2018 was a mixed bag. While not a total flop, it did not deliver the expected quality of cannabis event that many had hoped for.

The event was hosted at different venues around downtown Los Angeles, including the CFA Forum and City Hall, as well as one main venue with food and fun stations.

The event did a good job of gathering people from all over the cannabis community to celebrate what they are doing and enjoying cannabis, however most didn’t show up consistent. Several seats were given out free of charge, making this more of a free event than paid one.

Many took advantage of the free-entry format, but it would have been helpful to have given out some number of seats due to crowd-control measures.

Downtown Bud Festival

The Downtown San Diego cannabis event is a no-brainer. It is one of the oldest and largest cannabis events in the country, and you do not need to be a dispensary to attend!

The festival takes place in downtown San Diego at key locations throughout the year, including City Hall, Park Central, Miramar Resort & Marina, and Balboa Park. It typically draws close to 100,000 visitors every year!

This event is not just for dispensaries; there are no special admission fees or privileges required at the door.

The Medical Cannabis Expo

The first major cannabis event in the United States is the California Medical Cannabis Expo, or CMCE for short. This festival features top medical marijuana companies from all around the state, as well as educational panels and hands-on sessions.

The expo is also the location for many media interviews and live broadcasts, so be sure to check it out!

CMCE is held over two days, with various events taking place throughout the morning and mid-afternoon hours. It is very hard to just one day of this fest due to its length!

Must-attend items include: a tour of your company’s facility or company website, a meeting with your department head or senior management, and of course, the chance to network and share ideas with other companies.

The Hoodstock Festival

The Hoodstock Festival is a six-day, non-stop celebration of life, freedom, and the streets. It takes place in downtown Los Angeles every January.

It’s an epic event that draws close to 100,000 people every year. A portion of the ticket proceeds go toward social JUSTICE LEADERS, helping fight mass incarceration and supporting community organizing.

The event features around 15 stages with music on top of food and drink. The bars are also on site so you can get yourself a beverage as you listen to the great music.

This festival is not for the faint of heart as it contains all types of music including rock, funk, hip-hop, and dance. It also includes stages for comedy and education so you can learn something about cannabis as well.

The NorCal Cannabis Cup

The California Cannabis Cup is a ten-day festival held in late April or early May. It is an annual event and there are new features added to the cup every year.

The cup has a theme each year, and they rotate through festivals to create a longer-lasting experience for cannabis consumers. This year’s theme is Joyous Celebration, which is appropriate since it is springtime.

This festival is not for the nerves of steel, as there are areas that feature intense questioning and admitting of one’s cannabis use. It can be hard to talk about yourself when you are internally freaking out, but this event provides space to do so publicly.

It also provides an opportunity for people who don’t use cannabis to socialize at events, which could lead to future connections in the field.

Kush Con 2016

The first annual Kush Con will take place in October 2016 at the Ontario Science Center in Torrance, California. The event is free and open to the public.

The theme of this year’s conference is cannabis technology and entrepreneurship. This includes cannabis entrepreneurs, Blockchain innovators, Cannabis-based start-ups, and anyone else interested in applying business expertise to an emerging sector.

Kush Con was started by a group of college friends who came together to create an event focused on but not limited to marijuana. Since its founding, the organizers have increased the number of events they plan on hosting annually and has a waiting list.

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