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Can I Smoke Cannabis in a Hotel Room?

Many places we can travel to today have legalized marijuana use but what about having cannabis in a hotel room? In places like California where cannabis has been legal for 10 years or more, California law gives cities the power to make their own laws around marijuana. So you see, there may be some differences to the rules even as you travel from place to place in States like California where marijuana has been legalized for years. It’s even possible that some cities may ban cannabis entirely or ban smoking in public places, and this includes hotel rooms.

The Legalities of Smoking Cannabis in a Hotel Room

Check with the hotel before you book a room, because many hotels do not allow smoking of any kind inside the rooms — even tobacco products. It’s safer to assume that you can’t smoke weed in a hotel until you ask first.

Also, keep in mind that even though cannabis is legal in California, you can still get kicked out of any private property for using it there — including dispensaries and hotels.

How to Smoke Weed in a Hotel Room and Not Get Caught?

If you’re going to be smoking weed in a hotel room, you need to assume that management and staff know what you’re doing. Here are some tips for using cannabis in a hotel room:


  •  Put your weed in an airtight container that won’t smell up the place
  •  Don’t smoke near an open window or balcony door — the smell will seep into the hallway and other rooms
  • Use tools like pipe screens or water pipes to keep ash from flying everywhere
  •  If you have the option, use a vape pen instead of smoking flower; they don’t smell and can be used discreetly
  •  If you do smoke flower, make sure to put out your joint, blunt, or bowl properly so your room doesn’t reek of cannabis when you leave
  •  Clean up all traces of marijuana use before leaving your room


What are the Best Tips for Using Cannabis While Traveling?

If you are traveling to a place where cannabis is legal, congratulations! You’re about to have a great trip. However, there are some things that you should be aware of before you travel with cannabis. We’ve outlined the top five things to consider when traveling with cannabis.


  1. Check the local cannabis laws in your destination

           The first thing that you should do before you travel with cannabis is check the local cannabis laws in the areas you will be visiting. 

  1. Do not take any cannabis products across state lines (or international borders)

          You may have heard of border patrol agents seizing a person’s car or searching through their luggage and belongings because they suspected them of bringing drugs across state lines.

  1. Check with your airline before flying with cannabis

          Every airline has different policies on traveling with cannabis and other controlled substances, so make sure that you check with your airline before traveling with it through an airport or on an airplane. 

How Cannabis Can Help You Sleep Better on Your Next Trip!

When traveling and planning on using cannabis in a hotel room, consider using cannabis products that don't require smoking like cannabis edibles, cannabis gummies or tinctures.

When traveling and planning on using cannabis in a hotel room, consider using cannabis products that don’t require smoking like cannabis edibles, cannabis gummies or tinctures.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s also one of the most stressful things you can do to your body! While you’re off exploring new lands and meeting new people, your mind is probably on overdrive and your body might be suffering as a result. 

Not only are you away from home, but you’re probably also sleeping in a strange place, with different noises and smells. You might also be eating unfamiliar foods that make your stomach upset or keep you up at night.

If you’re planning on traveling soon, cannabis might be the perfect solution for a better night’s sleep!

Final Word: Use Common Sense and Follow Smoking Rules When in Public

If you decide to use cannabis while traveling, it’s important to be mindful of local laws. Cannabis is illegal on federal land, so avoid national parks and monuments, even if they’re in a state where cannabis is legal.

When traveling and planning on using cannabis, consider using cannabis products that don’t require smoking like cannabis edibles, cannabis gummies or tinctures. These products have ample THC content and will produce the same effects of well-being and relaxation as smoking cannabis produces, often for sustained period of time.

Visiting a local dispensary near by and ask one of the knowledgable budtenders to reviewing the cannabis products options available that are discreet and travel well. Vibe by California Cannabis dispensaries offer over 500+ cannabis products to choose from at all 7 of their convenient locations throughout California and Oregon.

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