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  • According to a recent survey, which has potheads boasting, late-night talk show hosts chuckling, and the general public suffering from the pandemic, the following scenario is being contemplated by the public.


  • The virus responsible for Covid-19 was stopped from infecting normal human cells, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Naturally Occurring substances.


  • Cannabis is a powerful natural alternative treatment for Covid19 preventing infection. Cannabigerol acid, often known as CBGA or CBDA, is one of two substances commonly present in hemp that was discovered to have the ability to fight the Coronavirus during a chemical screening attempt. Researchers from Oregon State University confirmed it.


  • In a recent study, researchers discovered that those who used cannabis to treat or prevent the Covid-19 virus had a 64% lower risk of contracting the disease. The Science journal published the findings.


  • From early September 2019 to mid-November 2019, the researchers monitored 738 Covid-19-infected individuals. They received a capsule containing the cannabis-derived chemical cannabidiol (CBD) or a placebo. People who took CBD reported fewer effects than those who received placebo pills at the end of the research session.

Research on cannabis and Covid?

Can cannabis protect against the dangerous Coronavirus? The immediate answer is both “yes” and “no.” Some reports claim it might be helpful, but tests show it might be more efficient than we’d like. Moreover, not everyone concurs that marijuana significantly affects Covid.

Cannabinoids, the chemical components of cannabis, may effectively relieve the signs and indicators of COVID, according to research. However, if left untreated, this illness can be lethal and causes breathing problems.

The respiratory system and lungs are both impacted by the infectious Coronavirus. It spreads via sneezes, coughs, and other bodily secretions. In some circumstances, the virus can be lethal and has seriously disrupted the world. Finding techniques to stop an infection before it even starts is crucial. Cannabis assists precisely by reducing inflammation and aiding in early disease prevention. Cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties prevent Covid19. By controlling the onset of cold or flu symptoms, you can reduce your risk of being ill.  The final possibility is that because CBD can reduce MHV reproduction, it may be beneficial against future strains of new deadly viruses.

The direct and indirect stimulation of the interferon pathway and the consequent activation of the host’s immunological response to the viral infection are two mechanisms by which CBD exerts its antiviral action.

As prospective therapies for COVID-19, interferons have undergone clinical testing.

Furthermore, CBD inhibits cytokine activation in response to viral infection, lowering the probability of immune cell recruitment and ensuing cytokine storms in the lungs and other afflicted tissues. These findings support earlier research that indicates CBD reduces the cytokine output of recruited immune cells like macrophages. As a result, CBD can serve as an antiviral drug during the initial phase of the disease and shield the patient from an autoimmune condition during the later parts.


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