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Prime Secret! Be among the first to try our No. 34! You must try this unique marijuana variety, created by our pals at Prime Cuts Nursery. Only the amount of glitz and flavor these blossoms possess can rival the mystery surrounding the origins of this miracle plant. One of a kind to this gem in the rough, the rich purple frost-covered flowers feature a fuel-dominant terpene profile with smooth grape overtones—consumed ice cream and cake.

A powerful cannabis strain with a THC content of 23.4% is called #34. This flower has a strong taste that is both earthy and spicy. Smoking is best when you need to relieve discomfort or are experiencing insomnia. You’ll be carried away by this strain’s calming effects and into a warm pleasure. The indica strain Platinum Bubba #34 has a strong effect. It sends a powerful wave of calming sensations, tingling with earthy deliciousness, down the body, commencing at the top of the head. This strain contains a thick trichomes coating that reveals a significant amount of THC.

What are the effects of this strain?

You feel the tremendous buzz immediately. You feel utter relaxation from this strain, both physically and mentally.

This strain is excellent for treating chronic stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and muscle spasms because of its powerful effects. Smoking is a fantastic option before night because it instantly clears your head and dulls your concerns.

How should you smoke this strain?

However you want to smoke, Platinum Bubba #34 is best enjoyed in a joint to experience its full effects.

If you grab some rolling papers, a grinder, and some filters, you can, however, rapidly take to the air.

suggested pursuits to match with this strain

We’ve compiled a list of enjoyable pursuits you can partake in following the consumption of Platinum Bubba #34.

Have a Netflix binge-athon

What could be more relaxing than Netflix and your favorite strain? So for a more leisurely afternoon, grab some marijuana and turn on your favorite show.

Smoke & paint

Make an effort to unleash your creativity. When high, picking up a paintbrush can produce incredibly imaginative and lavish artwork.

Cook something up

After consuming this strain, you’ll most certainly get the cravings, so stock up on some delectable foods. Play some music while preparing your favorite meals to sate your appetite.

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