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Sacramento Cannabis Dispensary

It's Always 4:20 at Vibe

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We are a Sacramento cannabis dispensary with a simple ethos: It’s Always 420 at Vibe.

We are a community-driven company and are stoked to welcome you into the Vibe family. No matter your experience with cannabis, you will always be welcomed with nothing but friendly vibes. From a small shop in Sacramento to 7 retail locations and growing, we always hold community, quality, and friendliness at the core of our mission. Welcome!

8112 Alpine Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826

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Hype Cannabis Co.

Our hand-crafted, hand-picked cannabis products are meant to refuel, inspire, and propel you forward towards your best life, however that looks. Just like you, each strain we produce is unique and offers a special gift.

Our mission is simple: to fuel your hype for life.

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17 May 2024
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The Biden Administration and the Cannabis Revolution: Unearthing Potent Opportunities

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30 Apr 2024
An Aromatic Revolution: Unfurling the New Era of Cannabis with Terpenes

The Cannabis Landscape Shift: Unfurling the New Chapter News that's

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