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A bird?! An aeroplane? No! Super Silver Haze that is! A legendary cannabis Sativa strain that took home the top honours at 1997, 1998, and 1999 High Times Marijuana Cups. This rare combination between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze guarantees users an unforgettable experience and a buzzing, vivid high.

Super Silver Haze produces a stunning, sticky flower that offers an energizing, long-lasting body high with uplifting effects that are excellent for situations where there is a lot of tension present, as well as when one is experiencing nausea or feeling hungry. Citrus, Earth, and floral tones are harmoniously blended to create a pleasant tune that will encourage you to triumph over your challenges.

Effects of Super Silver Haze

Although it lacks focus, it may be significant and assumed, which would encourage users to get up and walk around. As motivating as Super Silver Haze can be, it shifts gears and begins to relax the body in the second quarter of its lingering high.

The majority of users discover that the strain is effective for treating headaches, nausea, and mood swings during the day. Although the physical effects may be more intense for some people than for others, they might ease chronic aches and pains.

■  Fragrance

This strain’s aroma can be summed up in one word: amazing. Your brain cells need a boost, and Super Silver Haze’s citrusy tart scent is enough to give them one. This Sativa also offers a distinctive pre-smoke feeling thanks to a sweet undertone that cuts through its skunky fragrance.

■  Flavours

Your lips will taste herbal and slightly spicy after consuming Super Silver Haze. It has a strong earthy undertone and a very strong citrus note that work together to create a flavour that is full-bodied, with a lemony, sharp finish.

Adverse reactions

Feeling dehydrated is an adverse effect that occurs more frequently with Sativa of this intensity. Dry eyes and a nasty case of cottonmouth are two symptoms that Super Silver Haze might give you. Rarely, especially after consuming more of this sticky strain, you might have a slight paranoid feeling. In addition, a minor headache and sporadic light vertigo are potential side effects of Super Silver Haze.

Medical Effects of Super Silver Haze

A dramatic game changer in the treatment of conditions including depression and anxiety, Super Silver Haze addresses a wide variety of psychological disorders. Super Silver Haze is excellent for treating stress and weariness since it produces a bodily solid high coupled with a clear-headed cerebral pleasure. Regular use of this strain has also been shown to reduce the severity of PTSD and ADD/ADHD problems.

Various pain disorders have been successfully treated with Super Silver Haze and other diseases. Other conditions for which this Sativa is increasingly being recommended by doctors include PMS, chronic back pain, and muscle spasms.

Another factor contributing to Super Silver Haze’s increasing acceptance in the medical marijuana community is its capacity to treat pain and generate a robust appetite in cancer patients who experience nausea from chemotherapy and radiation.

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