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Using Cannabis for Sleep – 3 Benefits You Should Know

Sleep is something no one wants to compromise on – it’s the only activity most of us look forward to. However, what if you cannot sleep? Or even if you do, what if you experience nightmares that frequently wake you up? These are the problems that, according to many, are fixed by cannabis.

Whether using cannabis for sleep is effective or not, you’ll have to read this guide to find out. So let’s dive right in:

Do Marijuana and Sleep Even Go Together? Let’s Dig Some Facts:

Before we talk about the miracles of cannabis, aka marijuana, for sleeping, let’s discuss if there’s even some scientific research done on it? Well, as it turns out – there is! Research suggests the use of Cannabis for sleeping dates back several decades; or even centuries. However, there wasn’t ample scientific data to find the ‘how’how does it help in sleeping?

In the past few decades, after extensive research, science has started getting the answers and suggests that it DOES help with sleep. Although further studies need to be done for sure-shot answers, it is found that marijuana increases sleep quality due to the ‘cannabinoids’ found in the plant.

One of these cannabinoids is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that gets you flying high like an astronaut. Research has shown THC helps people fall asleep much faster and deeper, especially those with chronic insomnia.

3 Key Benefits for Using Cannabis for Sleep:

Are you ready to get your cannabis hit and drool all over the pillow with deep and restful sleep? Well, hold your horses because there’s a lot more to know. Let’s take a gander at how it can aid with other sleep-related issues.

It Can Help Reduce Nightmares:

A study was conducted in 2008 that showed the use of cannabis reduced the time it takes to enter into a deep sleep and lengthens the slow-wave sleeping period.

Furthermore, THC inside cannabis shortens the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep duration. Since dreams are most intense during the REM stage, reducing it means curbing nightmares.

Help With Sleep Apnea:

Preliminary research suggests one of the cannabinoids present in Cannabis – Dronabinol can improve sleep apnea symptoms.

But that’s not it; our friend – THC also helps. The problem in sleep apnea is irregular breathing patterns during the slumber; THC may help with the stabilization of respiration.

Temporarily Reduces the Pain:

A significant amount of research is done on marijuana’s pain-alleviating effects, and it’s been established that it does help in pain management. Many people with chronic pains or just anxiety spend their nights tossing and turning on their beds. They cannot sleep, which affects all areas of their lives. But that may be fixed with a few hits of this miracle plant right before you hit the hay.

According to WebMD – people with conditions ranging from cancer, Parkinson’s to fibromyalgia, and nerve pains saw a significant decrease in pain after taking marijuana. Once the pain is suppressed, you can sleep like a baby.

Smoke Right – Sleep Tight!

There are many different strains and ways to ingest marijuana.  Some people find that edibles work best, whereas others prefer to smoke before sleeping.  The key is to try different strains, different amounts, and different ways of ingesting to find what works best for you!  Start small and ask your budtender which products may be right for you.

All the research and studies given above suggest marijuana and sleep do have a connection, but you can only know for sure when you give it a try. Explore our range of products from CBD edibles to pre-rolled joints now.