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Tucker Teves – Vibe by California’s First Employee of the Month

This month Vibe by California is honoring our first recipient of Employee of the Month. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Tucker Teves, Supervisor at Vibe Stockton.

When you visit Vibe by California Stockton, you’ll most likely be greeted by Tucker. Tucker has been a resident of Stockton his whole life and we’re honored to have him at the dispensary. He’s super quick to provide knowledge and product insights to our customers and of great assistance to the management team at Vibe.

Knowledgeable, Talented and Friendly

Tucker is no stranger to the amazing medicine of cannabis and like many, has just entered into the cannabis space professionally a year ago. Prior to joining Vibe, Tucker played baseball for 18 years. 

Tucker has also recently become a father! Be sure to congratulate Tucker, especially since we’re rounding the corner approaching his first Father’s Day celebration.  As a new father, it’s likely he is a little sleep deprived but it only seems to make Tucker more friendly. 

Tucker’s a Fan of “Pineapple Fruz”

Tucker is one of our knowledgeable supervisors and his favorite strain is “Pineapple Fruz” from Seed Junky. If you want a full breakdown of the dank traits of Pineapple Fruz, Tucker’s got you! In fact, if you let Tucker know what your favorite type of cannabis experience he’ll make outstanding recommendations and cue you into the attributes of any brand available in the shop. Hit Tucker up on your next visit.

Tucker Represents Our Company Values

We are grateful to have Tucker on board at Vibe Stockton and appreciate his patience, professionalism and can-do attitude. Tucker’s helpfulness adds value to our team and the entire customer experience of anyone who visits Vibe.  

Tucker represents the Vibe by California company values at its core. When you stop in Vibe Stockton, give a shout out to Tucker! He’s continuously helping us achieve excellence in customer satisfaction, every day.

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