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The hemp and marijuana industries’ long-sown seeds have already begun to flourish. Due to a changing marketplace, the two professions now provide various prospects for Jefferson students and graduates. To show how marijuana and cannabinoid employment will grow going forward,

Master Extractor-

It’s difficult to top this one regarding lucrative occupations with medical marijuana. The reason master extractors typically earn such high salaries is because they possess a very uncommon combination of skills. They ensure that marijuana plants picked for harvest are turned into safe and efficient oils and concentrates. They extract exact concentrations of THC and CBD (the main active components of cannabis). Additionally, they oversee the operation of their labs and follow all applicable laws and safety requirements. Of course, it would help if you typically had a Ph.D. in biochemistry and some engineering experience to enter this field.

Master Grower-

A hemp industry cannot exist without the trustworthy production of robust pot plants. Because of this, experts that oversee large growth operations frequently receive considerable compensation for their efforts. A master marijuana producer must supervise the following: planting, cloning, crop nutrition, pest control, grow-house technology, and staffing. These jobs usually include interacting with law enforcement officials and compliance inspectors. However, many master growers also receive significant incentives or a share of the profits in addition to their excellent incomes when they do their duties properly. Most persons in this profession have degrees in botany or horticulture and have a lot of experience growing marijuana.

Marijuana Tester or Quality-Control Inspector-

Such a weed expert aids in ensuring that herbal blends adhere to health, safety, and strength regulations. They may work for cannabis businesses or government divisions or organizations. In addition, they could occasionally aid in monitoring and enforcing the laws and rules governing hemp growth (including those that apply to pesticides). To work as a cannabis tester in this capacity, you could require a Ph.D. in a relevant scientific discipline like biology, agronomy, chemistry, or entomology.

Edibles Chef

This line of work with cannabis is open to those with a background in the culinary arts. For example, experienced pastry chefs are required for businesses that generate edible CBD products to develop, design, and assist in producing various foods. Candies, chocolates, baked goods, soda, coffee, tea, and a wide variety of other edible products can all contain weed or hemp extracts in extremely exact dosages.

Dispensary Manager

A significant component of the cannabis market is made up of pot dispensaries. They are sophisticated retail enterprises that need good management, much like other retailers. It is why many dispensary owners actively seek qualified retail experts from upscale clothing businesses and other high-end retail establishments. Additionally, some medical marijuana dispensary owners look for applicants with pharmacology backgrounds. Due to competitive pay, managers frequently receive performance bonuses, health insurance, and paid time off.

Extraction Technician

In most cases, master extractors oversee the work of cannabis extraction technicians. They are the ones who run the advanced machinery that extracts premium oils and concentrates (like shatter) from hemp seeds. In addition, they are frequently responsible for managing laboratory inventory and maintaining orderly and safe working environments. As a result, employers often prefer individuals with a background in science.

Dispensary Receptionist or Cashier

To greet clients, take phone calls, and handle final sales transactions, many cannabis shops hire staff for the front of their stores. In medical cannabis dispensaries, employees in this position routinely check prescriptions, identity, and a customer’s eligibility for purchases. It’s an entry-level position, although effective workers frequently graduate to more advanced dispensary duties rather rapidly.

Marijuana Courier

You can maintain your physical fitness by working a medical cannabis job that requires you to deliver goods to consumers’ homes, especially if you commute by bicycle. But, of course, there are lots of delivery people.

Marijuana or Edibles Packager

Packaging jobs are frequently excellent entry points into the cannabis sector, much like hemp trimming jobs. They only entail packaging marijuana or items infused with marijuana for sale and distribution safely and effectively. You can typically transition into a more advanced capacity after gaining some experience.

Jobs That Support the Legal Marijuana Industry

  • IT Manager: $90K to $208K+
  • Marketing Director: $75K to $208K+
  • Human Resources Manager: $71K to $208K+
  • Production Manager: $67K to $181K+
  • Software Developer: $65K to $170K+
  • Lawyer: $61K to $208K+
  • Accountant: $45K to $129K+
  • Web Developer: $41K to $146K+
  • Digital Media Manager: $35K to $118K+
  • Electrician: $34K to $99K+
  • Paralegal: $33K to $85K+
  • Writer: $36K to $133K+
  • Sales Representative: $43K to $172K+
  • Graphic Designer: $32K to $93K+
  • HVAC Technician: $32K to $81K+
  • Real Estate Agent: $25K to $112K+
  • Executive or Administrative Assistant: $39K to $95K+
  • Security Guard: $22K to $52K+

How to Prepare for a Cannabis Career 

Making a customized CV for the position you desire is the first step in breaking into any business, and this is true for the marijuana market as well. Whether you have hemp industry experience or not, there are many things you can do to demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate for the position and increase your chances of getting an interview.Be professional, To make it easy for prospective employers to discover you, put your name, address, and phone number in the header. Also, make sure the information you supply is organized and correct.

Emphasize your professional background and abilities. Due to the marijuana industry’s relative youth, relatively few people have firsthand experience working for an organization directly involved with the plant. If you have firsthand experience, be sure to highlight those skill sets in a way that is clearly defined to make use of them. Focus on your abilities and strengths that will suit the industry if you lack prior expertise.

Cannabis Industry Predictions

  • What states will legalize and regulate cannabis in 2023?
  • Southern states will see economic success from legalizing cannabis
  • What will be the most significant cannabis industry innovation in 2023?
  • The cannabis consumer base will become more widely ranging
  • Will we see increased access to cannabis capital in 2023?
  • Reliance on predictive data and education will increase
  • Grassroots efforts will assist in decriminalization and clemency

More cannabis companies will employ blockchain technologies.

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