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Just look at these Golden Lemons! This well-balanced cannabis strain will put you in the ideal mood and keep you there all day long. It is bursting with productive ecstatic energy. This 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid results from a mix between Lemon Skunk and Kosher Kush. Hype’s Golden Lemons emits a distinctively herbal solid, citrus aroma that alludes to its genetics. Lucid and bright enough for any situation, day or night! This strain was cultivated in our garden with love and good vibes, as evidenced by the complete herbal-lemon terpene profile; that is Golden!

Some tests have shown an average THC content of 23%, which is significant. However, other outliers claim even higher numbers, and some statistics imply that this strain may reach 30%. Golden Lemon might be the right choice if you want a solid but smooth high. Some users could find it helpful in creating concentrates due to its extreme stickiness and powerful qualities.


The scent of the Golden Lemon strain is strong yet not entirely unpleasant. Its aroma may swiftly permeate space and, according to many, has distinct skunk and lemon undertones. It also has herbal and earthy undertones. While some sweetness is present, there are also faint hints of pine and acidic zest.


People claimed that the Golden Lemon strain tastes significantly better than it smells. Some even contend that the strain’s scent is a disservice to it. When you take the first puff, you get a citrus flavour. Though powerful, it tastes good. Different flavour contrasts include the deep huskiness of earth and herb, cherry, followed shortly by pine.


It is highly brilliant, with tendrils of a honey colour weaving through its substantial buds. Trichomes, which are also present on the buds, may cause the flavour profile’s sweetness. Oranges, amber, and various light and dark green hues are scattered around the surface, adding vibrancy to the piece.

Medical Benefits of the Golden Lemon Strain-

Golden Lemon weed may lessen and moderate anxiety and tension. Additionally, users report that it helps them focus while enhancing their vitality and creativity. Finally, it is a go-to for insomnia and sleep disorders because of its sedative properties, promoting sleep and relaxation.

Consumers have used it for body aches like sore muscles, migraine headaches, and other discomforts since it helps to reduce inflammation. Users report feeling more energised, focused, and with less stress overall. Others have used this strain to boost mood and treat PTSD and depression symptoms.

Possible Side Effects of the Golden Lemon Strain

There could be some adverse effects from the Golden Lemon strain.

  • Dry eyes
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • dry mouth
  • paranoia

are among the side effects that some users may have.

Final Thoughts-

Potent with THC levels up to 23%, the Golden Lemon strain is a powerhouse. Consuming this strain requires caution for those who are sensitive to THC. It is strong but also has a gentle, mellow let-down that promotes sleep and relaxation despite its strength. Users report having a lovely, non-aggressive mental and physical high due to their encounters.

The strain also has a complicated history with Kosher Kush and Lemon Skunk as parents. Because of this heritage, the flavours are intense and highly fragrant. With notes of cherry sweetness, many of these flavours also have lemon and pine. Furthermore, it has a few earthy, herbal, and sour tones.