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Celebrating the Cannabis Community is a blog post focused on providing information about events, festivals, and gatherings throughout the country. Events offer a nice way to get out of the house and meet other cannabis consumers, professionals, and government officials in your community.

They can be small or large, local or regional, and they can be held every week or every few weeks. They all have a purpose and are usually for people of all ages.

Some events even have cannabis-related merchandise sold at them, making it a nice way to support the community that hosts them. Festivalgoers can get some extra exposure due to event security policies that include no public smoking.

Finally, gatherings that are large enough for cannabis to be an main event topic or main feature can be used as conferences! These often have several days of breaking news about cannabis and events where attendees can exchange information while being entertained by speakers and discussions.

Cannabis concerts

Crowd of unrecognizable Asian people standing on city street with colorful balloons and watching performance during festival on sunny day

Photo by Jimmy Liao on Pexels

A concert is an excellent venue to celebrate the cannabis community. A large audience can get together and do something fun and/or educational about cannabis.

A concert typically has a set lineup of songs that are related to cannabis, so it is possible to get some education or fun while being at a concert. Most of the time, attendance is free, so there is no financial burden to attend.

It is also possible to get into the venue early if you are planning ahead, which makes you feel good because you were able to make yourself heard. Once people start showing up, the event goes live and you can enjoy yourself!

Concerts are not for inexperienced users, as the stage is usually high-level. Having acessories such as jackets and flags that show your role in celebration is helpful.


Marijuanamania is a term used to describe the hype surrounding the use ofMJ, or marijuana. As the word refers to marijuana, it is usually referred to as either pot or weed, but not both.

The phenomenon begins when a new strain becomes popular, such as when the first non-beloved flower hybrid became successful. Immediately, people begin posting information about it and requesting it, often quite urgently.

People will go out of their way to request a new strain because they like it or they liked something else better before it but them, and they want to have this new one available as soon as possible.

This is not just with strains that are famous but newer ones too: people are looking for them because of the same phenomena.

This phenomenon has caused many problems including creating false hope and running rampant online forums and YouTube channels dedicated to it.

Hash Fest

Hash is a popular term for cannabis. There are many different hashes, styles, and ways to make hash. Many people choose to add ingredients such as poppy seeds, chocolate chips, or an extra brown sugar to the mix.

Healh Hash, a style of hash known as Baker’s Hash, is named for the title of a cookbook by Alice Paeelles called The Healinghash Cookbook. This style of hash is typically topped with some sort of chocolate or vanilla crystals and a few other ingredients.

Festivals and events are very likely events you are thinking about now. Many people host these events just for the fun of it and to stay in touch with the community.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Woman in Blue Shirt Smoking Medical Marijuana

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a prestigious event hosted by HIGH TIMES. It has been held every year since 1999, making it a long-standing event.

Previously known as the Annual Leaf Awards, the Cup now recognizes new and old cannabis businesses alike. The Finals are held in January and feature some of the top cannabis business owners in the world.

The Cup offers recognition for many reasons. Business winners receive a plaque, public recognition is given through attending events, and of course, there is the reward-winning cup.

There are several events celebrating the cannabis community every year. Some are smaller gatherings with just a few hundred people, while others are much larger with hundreds of people in attendance.

Celebrate 4/20 in Las Vegas

Photo of People Standing in Front of Ganesha Statue

Photo by 🇮🇳Amol Nandiwadekar on Pexels

On April 20, 2015, the United States Congress passed the first comprehensive federal law concerning cannabis and public use. This law designated November 4 as National Cannabis Day.

Since then, numerous states have implemented their own laws regarding cannabis, including public marijuana events. Some of these state-regulated events include 420-lessen events, where people gather to consume cannabis rather than smoke it.

At these events, you can meet other users and share experiences with how they used marijuana and what effects they wanted them to have. You can also learn about various strains or types of cannabis that are available at the event, how to find it, and how to use it.

420 Fest

Free stock photo of addiction, adult, analysis

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels

420 festival is a wonderful way to celebrate the 420 date with a fun, family event. Thousands of people attend this festival to enjoy the 420 experience and educate themselves about cannabis.

Participating in cannabis events such as 420 fest is an excellent way to get involved. You can join as a observer or attender, both of which gain you access to great information and fun events.

Of all the events listed as part of the cannabis community, festivals, events, and gatherings, marijuana culture has the best name for what it is: event culture.

The Global Marijuana March

Though it is not a sanctioned event, the Global Marijuana March occurs once a year and features anti-government demonstrations in over 100 countries.

The march was created by activists working with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Their goal is to raise international awareness of drug addiction and its treatment, as well as to call for action against its use.

This annual event focuses attention on its participants and spectators alike. Pro-pot advocates are able to meet new people, gain support from their peers, and find a treatment plan. It also raises awareness of their position as individuals who can benefit from pot but don’t want to discuss it with their loved ones or friends.

Since 2011, the Global Marijuana March has attracted tens of thousands of participants from around the world to protest against governments that crackdown on drug abuse.

Smoke Out Events

Having a smoke out event is a great way to commune with other residents and members of the community. Many community members enjoy coming together to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

By participating in a smoke out event, you are establishing a network of friends and community members that you will rely on in the future. Many community members come together to celebrate events such as weddings, baby showers, or adult-only events such as clubs or fraternities.

The benefits of having a smoker’s convention include networking with other staff members at your local hospital, gathering together people who enjoy the same type of product, and most importantly, enjoying the company of others.

Network meetings are very important because you will be speaking with someone else about your product and how it works.

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