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LA Pop Rocks, often known as “Pop Rox,” is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain created by fusing Blue Lemon Thai and C99. For those who like fruity over skunky aromas and tastes, this Indica strain is a favorite.

You can enjoy mouth-filling taste explosions thanks to LA Pop Rocks! This marijuana strain has uplifting effects that leave users feeling energized and productive. Start slowly because LA Pop Rocks’ intensity could be too intense for novice cannabis users, and the relaxed wave of taste explosions’ll soon carry you away! As it blends nicely with daily activities and has been reported to help with chronic headaches, anxiety, and sadness, this strain is an excellent choice for a wake-and-bake strain.

Cannabis strains with a 70% Indica dominance, like LA Pop Rocks, are known to have very calming effects. Eye pressure, weariness, tension, and mood swings are just a few of the ailments that it aids with because of its 20% THC content and 1% CBD content.

Features of the marijuana strain La Pop Rocks

➢    Aroma

The aroma of La Pop Rocks marijuana is reminiscent of sweet fruits with hints of lemon, pine, citrus, and earth. The fragrance fills the space with the aroma of freshly cut lemons, fruits, and spices from the garden.

➢    Flavor

A sweet fruity flavor with hints of citrus, grapes, candies, and berries characterizes the La Pop Rocks strain. However, customers are constantly in the dark because of its intriguing blended flavor.

➢    Appearance

The dark green, thick, spade-shaped buds of the La Pop Rocks strain of marijuana have light green dots. Trichomes in a coating of crystal-white amber cover the buds. Tiny orange hairs surround its nugs all around.

La Pop Rocks Strain Effects

Because it offers us just the right amount of vigor to get through the day without leaving us nervous or anxious, as other energizing strains may, this is one of our favorite varieties! However, an uplifting pleasure caused by the strain makes daily stressors less bothersome and has some mental effects. In addition, preparing some eye drops and beverages will help with the undesirable side effects of dry mouth and eyes. The La Pop Rocks strain results in instantaneous euphoria, body tingles, inventiveness, and head high. You’ll initially feel upbeat, giddy, and motivated by increased mental energy. Positive emotions will make you instantly forget about stress, worry, depression, and body aches.

Your initial head high will gradually give way to a full-body high as time goes on. Unlike pure indica, it does not have a sedative effect but increases mental alertness. The fact that your mind and body enter a profound state of relaxation causes everything to seem as though you are doing it or viewing it for the first time.

➢    Medical benefits

It can aid in treating sleeplessness, appetite loss, anxiety, and depression. Patients claim to feel relaxed but not overly sleepy. It has a reputation for having a lot of caryophyllenes, one of the few terpenes that may be categorised as a “dietary cannabinoid”.

Some of the most potent anti-inflammatory qualities are caused by caryophyllene, which is also present in many other plants, such as black pepper and hops. These are recommendations only, not a replacement for advice from a qualified healthcare provider.

➢    Side Effects
  • Dry throat
  • little calming effects brought on by excessive ease in the body and mind
  • Red/Dry eyes
  • Anxious


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