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Meet Bob – Local Redding Community Member


Vibe by California’s local dispensary in Redding, CA, changed the life of Bob Carroll, who is a local Redding community member and proud serving veteran who faced a series of misfortunes and hardships that landed him in difficult times.

In 2020, Bob received an eviction notice and ended up leaving him homeless, without shelter, and faced with further uncertainties amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Homelessness creates a stigma that can be looked down upon by the local communities and nearly impossible to find a home with an eviction notice.

But Bob was never known to be a quitter, and made use of the local Veterans Resource Center (Nation’s Finest) in Redding and was sent to Faith Works, a volunteer organization providing housing and supportive resources to those in need.

Vibe Donation Changes Bob’s Life

Local Redding veteran puts new tags on his donated car by Vibe By California's local dispensary Vibe by California’s local dispensary in Redding reached out to Faith Works and offered to donate one of their delivery vehicles, a PT Cruiser, and insisted that the donation would benefit a veteran. Faith Works saw that Bob was the perfect candidate. “Someone over at Vibe had a heart for veterans”, said Crystal Johnson, Executive Director for Faith Work’s Community Coalition Inc. “The Impact it has done is life-changing. Bob is in need of heart surgery and can’t be walking around in this condition. This is literally a life-line for him now”.

Crystal also mentions that receiving calls about donations are not common. “It was a random call, we don’t get those calls often,” she said. “We couldn’t do what we do without the help of the community and we’re very grateful that Vibe jumped in on that.”

Faith Works surprised Bob and pulled the vehicle up and saw tears run through his eyes. “I was in Heaven,” Bob said. “I never expected anything like this. I got in, started it, and had a big smile on my face.”

Bob now has a way to get to his doctor appointments, job interviews, and getting groceries quickly and easily, a task that used to take him up to a whole day to achieve.” He also mentions he now has an extra layer of security, if ever ending up in a worst-case scenario, where the vehicle can serve as shelter. “I’m really grateful of Vibe to give me the car,” Bob Said. “It changed my life.”

Vibe Community Outreach

Since opening its first store in Sacramento, Vibe by California and its local dispensaries got involved in donating and conducting community outreach by collecting food for the local food banks, school supplies for kids, and even toy drives during the holidays. Helping a local veteran was just as important. “I’ve always seen it as my responsibility to improve the life of every person I meet,“ said Karina Fuentes, one of the first budtenders in the company and now District Manager. “That’s the idea that Vibe by California owns and the spirit of community and serving them permeates at each Vibe location.”

About Vibe Growth Corporation

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