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If you’re looking for Christmas weed for sale as a gift, there are always two gifts that are sure to please your favorite stoners…weed and things that help you smoke it.  While it may be an obvious task, we are here to help point you to the best deals on the best cannabis in California and, you guessed it, we have it at Vibe by California.

Top Selling Cannabis Brands


Hype Cannabis Co.

Hype is Vibe by California’s in-house flower brand, so there is no doubt as to why it is one of the top sellers in our stores.  With an(almost) unbeatable price point, locally sourced, and quality that will please even your stoniest of stoners, Hype is a no brainer if you are looking for good quality cannabis at low prices.  Hey, if you stop by on Christmas Eve, for every two you buy you get one free.  Can’t beat that!



Wyld is the 3rd highest selling brand across all 5 of our stores, which means these things are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Their renowned edibles are made with real fruit juice, come in a variety of flavors, and even provide different ratios of cannabinoids so you can get the exact effect you are looking for.  With THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG enhanced gummies, it is easy to get a special gift for someone you care about.

Friendly Farms

Friendly Farms not only pushing out some of the cleanest, highest quality products in the market, they are just an all around badass company.  Their locally grown, locally owned ethos drives them to collaborate with some of the most fire cultivators in California to push out their products, which now cover carts, concentrates, flower, pre-rolls, and edibles.  Basically, whatever product you are looking for you will be able to find it in the Friendly lineup and will be backed by some of the best names in cannabis anywhere.


With a motto like “Get lit for less”, it’s no wonder why they are ranking in at #9 in our California sales.  Bringing cannabis to the people is what they are all about, and they make it super easy to elevate your vibe.  One of our favorites is the 5-pack prerolls they push out, giving you enough to puff, puff, and skip the pass cause all your homies have their own.  Maybe the best covid friendly of the Vibe Christmas lineup?

Ember Valley

Love at first puff is the only way to describe our relationship with Ember Valley.  For those of you who love those old school, OG strains with some of the highest quality possible, EV is the way to go.  Not only do they bring back some of the greatest “throwback” strains even your gramps was puffin’ on, they are coming out with some of the most innovative crosses available in the industry.  “Norcal bred and fed” is a common phrase thrown out by these guys, and when the dopest dope in the country is coming out of Norcal, you better believe Ember Valley has the drop.

For the Edible Lover

If you know the best gift is an edible, we got you covered with some of the best deals on edibles in the state.

Punch Edibles

Some of the best flavors in the entire cannabis infused chocolate industry will for sure hit right, and Punch hits.  Their peanut butter and jelly tastes like you straight bit into your mamma’s crust-free PB&J at lunch time, but leaves you floating in the stratosphere.  Available in gluten-free options and packing 100mg of THC in a tiny (but delicious) chocolate square, you better add a note in that Christmas card to take it easy compadreezy.

Chew & Chill

Sauced supply first popped up on the scene with their bomb, all ceramic carts and now bring the flavor with the edibles.  Chew & Chill is the newest brand on the Vibe Daily Deals lineup, offering a buy 2 get 2 for $1 each to uplift your Sundays.  Made with live resin means you can not only dial in on the Sativa-Indica spectrum, but can even shop for your favorite strains like Sky OG, Gelato, and Sour Diesel.


When it comes to flavor, these are some of the most scrumptious gummies on the market.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and sans high fructose corn syrup takes the guilt out of the gummy.  Each pack of smokiez cannabis infused fruit chews holds 100mg of THC, giving you ten beautiful (and potent) pieces of deliciousness.  Definitely work picking some up, especially when they are coming in at 20% off on New Years Eve, this is a sure way to start the new year right!


If you are looking for a good low-dose edible experience, Camino is one of our favorite go-to’s.  Boasting 5mg per gummy means you can pop one at any time…or a few!  With many flavors to choose from that span the full spectrum of Indica, indica leaning, hybrid, sativa-leaning, to full fledged excite-level Sativa, you can find the perfect balance for yourself, or the perfect gift for a homie!

CBD and Topicals

Care By Design

When it comes to finding the perfect CBD therapeutics, Care by Design has been leading the charge for a good minute.  With gummies, tinctures, topicals, and vaporizers that are perfectly rationed for the right level of therapeutics, they offer something for everyone.  Regardless of your preferred method of consumption, they offer 1:1, 2:1, all the way up to 40:1 CBD:THC ratios to choose from.  These all make great gifts for stress relief, pain control, and general well being.

Papa and Barkley

Founded by a son looking to help his bedridden father, Papa and Barkley has some of the purest therapeutics in the market.  They even offer THC rich topicals that are made from two simple ingredients: Coconut oil and Cannabis (without the use of chemical solvents or C02).  All of their products which include tinctures, balms, and relief patches are made with sun-grown cannabis, heat, time, and (as they say) lots of love.

Cannabis Vapes and Accessories


Probably the tiniest disposable vape on the market, Roach makes an easy stocking stuffer for your favorite stoner on the go.  Fueled by live resin from some of the highest quality exotic strains, this LA based company’s innovative disposable vaporizer is one of our favorite gifts for the holidaze.  Choose from a variety of bomb strains like Green Goddess, Tropic Lemon, Guava Cashmire, and OG Haze Berry for a perfect holiday gift.

Connected disposables

The Ethos of Connected since their Sacramento beginnings has always been “To breed, grow and sell the best cannabis in the world”.  Being the largest grower of premium cannabis in California, you know their vapes are going to be bomb.  With one of the most advanced breeding programs for cannabis worldwide, the cultivation team at connected works hard to push out the fire you are looking for, and their disposable vapes are a great way to share the goodness.

Variable Temp Batteries

Who doesn’t want a new, variable-temp battery to pair with their favorite cart?  The new Vibe Christmas Batteries not only allow you to dial in the temp and enjoy the full terpene spectrum of your favorite carts, they now come with dual mini-USB and USB-C charging ports.  The days of searching to find a charger that actually works for your battery are gone.  This is a great gift that will definitely be used, but at a price that is easy to share.


Christmas Glass is in!  Spread the holiday love with a piece of clean glass that stokes the holiday cheer with every toke.  Nothing says Christmas like a snowglobe bong with a snowman inside, right?  We are offering HUGE Deals on Christmas glassware so buying that special someone some clean glass for their collection is cheap, easy, and majorly appreciated for anyone who loves some glass.

Portable dab rig

The Pocket Vibe portable dab rig is the perfect gift for a dabber on the go.  It checks all of the major boxes for us, with almost no downside.  The variable temperature function is great, allowing to dial in your ideal temp to taste those beautiful terpenes.  This thing hits hard, and it is super fast and discreet.  It comes apart easily for cleaning, has a simple design that can be, literally, carried in your pocket, and comes with an easy to follow instruction guide to learn how to set the temperature and pre-heat the device.  We know we would love to receive this portable rig anytime of year!

Tools and Accessories

On a budget, but want a little something to show you care?  We have rolling trays, dab tools, dab mats, grinders (yes, the good kind with kief collectors), Clipper lighters, and more.

Gift cards and Gift box

If you just aren’t sure, let them choose!  We offer gift cards that can be used at any of our five dispensary locations, so load it up and send your homie packing (bowls) with their favorite products.  And if you do get them a little something too, drop it all in one of our sleek Vibe Boxes and make it stand out!

Our Holiday Deals Schedule

Dec 22nd
C.B.D – 25% off All Care By Design Products
Wyld – Buy Two, Get 1 for $1
Dec 23rd
Laugnitas – 20% Off All Lagunitas Drinks
Farmer & The Felon – Buy 1 8th, get one for $1
Papa & Barkley (Relief) – 20% Off
Dec 24th
Hype – Mix n Match – Buy 2 get 1 for $1
Ember Valley – Flower – Buy 2 get 1 for $1
Friendly Farms – Mix n Match Buy 2 get 1 for $1
Punch Chocolates – Buy 2 get 2 for $1 Each
Sauced- 10% off All Sauced Products
Chew & Chill – Buy 2 Get 2 for $1 each
Bear Labs – Buy 3 get 1 for $1
Keef Drinks – 20% Off All Keef Drinks
Dec 31st
Ember Valley – Prerolls – Buy 3 get 2 for $1 each
Connected Disposables – Buy 2 get 1 for $1
Friendly Farms – 20% Off All Friendly Farms
All Drinks – 20% off all Cannabis Infused Drinks
Roach Disposable – 20% Off
Dimebag Preroll 5 packs –  25% Off
Smokiez – 20% Off

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