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  • A recent study (published in March 2022) indicated that Cannabotech’s Integrative-Colon line of drugs killed 90% of colon cancer cells in a cell model study, which suggests that these drugs may be helpful for the treatment of colon cancer. The combination of cannabis and mushroom compounds is called cannabotech.
  • Scientists evaluated the efficacy of Integrative Colon treatments in treating different types of colon cancer.
  • According to their excellent cell model study results, their “Integrative-Colon” therapies killed over 90% of colon tumor cells. It, they claim, is the result of combining marijuana with mushrooms.
  • More strikingly than plants, people and mushrooms share genetic characteristics.
  • Currently, colorectal cancer patients have a survival rate of 65%. Using a mix of swiftly developed plants and fungus to treat this dreadful illness may save hundreds of thousands of lives.


As a result of the legalization of marijuana, it is now acceptable and legitimate to carry out investigations on the potential medical benefits and enhancements of marijuana-based substances. Cannabotech’s Integrative-Colon product line reported dead 90% of colon cancer cells in a prior cell study, indicating that it may be an effective colon medical intervention.

The biotechnology firm Cannabotech is pushing to develop oncological treatments based on cannabis and mushrooms. The company’s Integrative-Colon medications, which are based on multiple cannabinoids from hemp seeds and various mushroom extracts, were shown to kill over 90% of colon cancer cells in a current cell model study. The results indicate that colon radiation has a promising future.


How did the Integrative Colon products perform?

In a cell model, it was discovered that a new product might kill over 90% of colon cancer cells, and it will be available in the fall of 2022 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The Cannabotech Interprofessional product targeted colorectal cancer cells by combining therapeutic, non-psychoactive mushrooms with different marijuana. The outcomes demonstrated how effectively the active components interacted. It was implied that the blend of substances in Integrative Colon treatments was superior to any single cannabinoid. These results support Cannabotech’s claims that successful marijuana colon cancer therapy involves blending a precise, exacting, and conclusively proven recipe, which cannot be achieved using any marijuana strain that exists in nature.

“The Integrative products from Cannabotech are unique because they contain numerous active components and are created to standards akin to those in the pharmaceutical sector. The company’s goods have shown exceptional and promising efficacy in laboratory-tested colon culture cells. Based on these tests, it is possible to conduct animal studies and investigate the viability of using these substances in patients with colorectal cancer.

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