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Hype’s Platinum OG is a custom cross between Platinum Kush and Platinum Fields. Platinum Fields genetic archive. This unique hybrid has a strong scent of fuel and soil with a hint of citrus.

You experience a slow onset of equal parts euphoria and relaxation when using this well-balanced mixture. This strain is excellent for active users who seek a more lively high without the heady inclination for paranoia because it is a natural hybrid.

Platinum OG Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


Given that it is named after a particular sort of metal, the aroma of Platinum OG is a little unexpected. You receive rich earthy tones that feel very natural rather than the metallic, chemical smell that you would anticipate. When you first smell Platinum OG, it has a fresh, pleasant aroma that fills your nose and mimics densely packed earth right after a rainstorm.

When the herbs are ground, a mellow herbal tone emerges, transporting you to a herb garden where you may inhale all of the various herbal scents simultaneously. The smoke from Platinum OG is comfortable to inhale and leaves you feeling earthy and piney. However, there is also a subtle undercurrent of spice, which warms the atmosphere, clears your head, and brings to mind long autumn nights spent at a campfire sipping a spiced pumpkin latte.


The flavor of Platinum OG is similar to its scent, with a few additives that initially surprise your taste receptors but grow quickly on you. First, your tongue begins to develop a distinct earthy flavor upon inhalation, bringing out the undertones of the wood. Next, you gradually start to pick up on the more subtle aromas, identifying pine as the source of the woody flavor.

The various flavors are released as you exhale, leaving behind a surprising aftertaste of coffee that you did not anticipate. After a few more puffs, your taste buds have had time to acclimate, and you can recognize and enjoy each flavor separately and how they complement one another.


Platinum OG makes it obvious where its moniker came from. A silver sheen resembles a thin metal coating covering the bright, light green buds. The strain’s high THC content, which causes crystals to form on the buds’ surface, causes this coating.

Looking past the metal cover reveals noticeable orange hairs that weave between the buds to form an intriguing and adorable pattern. The leaves of the plants are lovely in their own right because they have a sleek design and shimmer when exposed to sunshine.

What are the Medical Benefits of Platinum OG Feminized?

Much like its name implies, Platinum OG is a delicate cannabis kind. Given that it has successfully treated several ailments, it is instrumental in the context of medicinal marijuana. For example, when receiving radiation therapy, cancer patients have discovered that this strain works wonders in promoting normal hunger.

Most significantly, people diagnosed with chronic stress illnesses have said that using this strain significantly improved their mood. Relaxing, calming down rapidly, and realigning your thoughts are all incredibly beneficial and help you get rid of stress-related ideas more easily.

Adverse Effects of Platinum OG Feminized

Due to the weight and strength of Platinum OG, novices are more inclined than regular clients to use more than they should. An overdose on this strain might cause everything from a simple sore throat to racing thoughts and mild anxiety.

If you’ve been smoking this for a while, you can experience cottonmouth and dry eyes, which you can rapidly treat by drinking water, using eye drops, and having damp towels on hand to avoid dehydration.

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