What is a dab?

Dabs are a potent cannabis extract made by heating a hash oil and then inhaling the vapor through a pipe.

Dabbing is an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis for those who want to get high quickly. Dabs are becoming more popular as they are more potent than smoking flowers and can be consumed in seconds.

The first thing you need to know about dabs is what they are. Dabs are concentrated THC extracts from cannabis plants, usually with a higher percentage of THC than flower, which means they get you higher faster.

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What is the Difference Between Smoking Weed and Dabs?

Dabs and weeds are quite different from each other in their composition, appearance and features. The main difference between weed smoke and dab smoke is their strength. Dabs contain a higher concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than weed, so weed smoke has lower potency than dabs smoking. Weed for smoking is available in brown, grey or green color and is obtained from dried leaves and flowers, while the dabs for smoking are available in honey oil, shatter, butter and wax etc. One another difference between pot smoke and dab smoking is their effects. Pot smoking gives you the feeling of relaxation and makes you calm down. In contrast, dab smoking causes disastrous effects due to high concentrations of THC, such as anxiety, headache and depression. 

What Are The Benefits of Taking A Dab?

Cannabis benefits are limitless in the medical field to provide immediate relief for medical marijuana users suffering from chronic pain. Some more prominent dabs benefits are given below:


Dabs are smokeless than smoking marijuana which can be dangerous for your health. Dabbing inhales a concentrated vapor that is cleaner and smokeless, making the dabbing a healthier option to consume concentrates.

Fast & effective

The cannabis to immediately treat your symptoms or relieve your chronic pain is consumed through dabbing. Dabbing is the best way to get immediate and effective relief. 


One of the major dab benefits is its favorable property. You can enjoy the richest flavor of the dabbing by controlling the temperature of the dab rig. A great dab carries the original aroma from the plant to the final product of your dab. 

Few other cannabis benefits are their innovative nature, efficiency and cleaner, and pure effects on the lungs. 

What are the Risks of Taking a Dab?

Dabbing is linked with several dab risks and side effects for the users. Dabbing can lead to high tolerance and worse withdrawal symptoms. To be clear, dabbing is potent and comes with increased risks of dabs such as given below:

Risk of explosion or burns during the extraction process 

Concentrates of dabbing are made by blowing the butane of a marijuana plant. Butane is a highly volatile and flammable liquid, so if extraction is done improperly, it can lead to explosions, fires or burns. 

Side effects of high potency

The flower of the marijuana plants has 12-13% THC, while the concentrates of the marijuana plants have a THC greater than 50%. So people who use dabbing may experience side effects such as rapid heartbeat, blackout, paranoia, crawling, sensation on the skin, loss of consciousness, psychosis, and hallucinations. 

Smoking dabs can be addictive

As dabbing concentrates have more potency than typical smoking, users may depend on it. The people who get addicted to the inhalation of high THC through dabbing may experience body ache, insomnia, restlessness, depression, sweat and lack of appetite if they try to stop dabbing. 

Considerations Taking A Dab 

Consider taking the dab rather than traditional cannabis smoking to get many additional cannabis benefits. Dabbing is a clean, clear, pure, and smokeless way to enjoy the enriched flavor of cannabis concentrates. Since dabbing is a cleaner form of using cannabis, it can supply the benefits in larger, healthier doses. 


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