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SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, June 3, 2021 / — Vibe Growth Corporation (CSE: VIBE) (OTC Pink: VBSCF) (FSE: A061) (the “Company” or “Vibe”), a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis enterprise, announces recent independent lab results from Ceres Labs specify the most recent harvest of cannabis flower has resulted in 37.71% total THC content and 37.90% total cannabinoids, setting a record high for the Vibe’s premium branded flower products sold under the name Hype Cannabis Co.

The Golden Lemon strain cultivated by Vibe at its Sacramento Cannabis Campus was tested twice after harvest to ensure the accuracy of the results. Golden Lemons is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain and is typically known for its relaxing, euphoric effect, but the high THC levels seen from Vibe’s most recent harvest were remarkable.

The feat is quantifiable evidence of the company’s efforts to increase both the yield and quality of its premium cannabis products. “We always strive to do the best work possible, and we are so pleased to see the benefits of our hard work,” says Calie Gallegos, Head Cultivator at the Sacramento cultivation campus responsible for the high-THC content yield. “We have quickly become one of the top cultivators of premium cannabis in California, without the use of growth-enhancing products, such as PGRs. Our technique and quality control are responsible for putting the numbers on the board. We are always working on increasing both our quality and our quantities and will continue our drive for excellence.”

The new standard set by the company has spurred the development of a new top-tier product line from Vibe’s Hype Cannabis Co. brand “We are in the late stages of development of new packaging and a brand ethos that represents Hype as we currently stand,” says Ryan Martinez, Marketing Manager for Vibe by California. “We are now at the ultra-premium level and we want consumers to see and feel that across all stages of their experience. We want to incite the visceral feeling you get from our products directly from packaging while providing a way to connect to us as a brand. Then you try the product, which speaks for itself.”

As Hype continues to expand into new markets, including the Southern California market with Vibe’s newly acquired Palm Springs cannabis dispensary, the new development of Hype’s premium cannabis flower high THC content product line will bring increased awareness to the brand and make it to stand out amongst competitors.

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