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Durban poison strain description

It is the connoisseur’s strain. We took Durban Poison from the port city of Durban, South Africa, where this well-known true pure sativa strain is from, and mixed her with the King of California cannabis culture, OG Kush.

This supercross is something special, an energizing and uplifting high with a meditative and relaxing mindset to make every day unique! The dank fragrances of floral earth and sweet gas prevalent in Hype’s OG Durban Poison strain bring you a rush of cerebral euphoria that lifts the mood without clouding the mind.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Durban Poison Strain Medication

When it comes to treating chronic illnesses, marijuana is gaining popularity. The media and activists have eliminated any stigma associated with this outstanding plant.

Medical Benefits

There are numerous medical advantages that Durban Poison is praised for. Consumers can get rid of many various types of chronic pain thanks to its higher-than-average THC content. Physical afflictions like pain from fractures or other injuries can be lessened by it. Additionally, it can reduce stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other mental diseases.

The most effective approach to consuming Durban Poison if your primary symptoms are psychological is to smoke it. However, you might want to consider using cannabis-infused topicals for physical scars. In addition to reducing discomfort, the lotion’s components will aid your recovery.

Potential Side Effects

Although this herb has significant potential health benefits, specific harmful impacts may also occur. A dry mouth is the most typical negative effect, which can be minimized by drinking enough liquids. However, novice shoppers can be worse off. Newbies have observed paranoia, which is unsurprising given the high THC content. Helping the victim is crucial in these circumstances. They will feel comforted by your embrace and your reassuring remarks.


The plant has enormous resin glands, which make it ideal for making CBD extracts. Additionally, its buds are round, plump, and chunky. They are known as the “fat buds” because of these traits. The entire plant is covered in trichomes. Durban Poison buds are green with orange pistils in addition to being covered in white translucent trichomes. The water leaves of this plant are deep green.


People claim that this plant has an earthy flavour, a characteristic that marijuana buds frequently share. However, there are some pine-inspired details. In addition, additional flavours like lemon and vanilla are present. Additionally, it has a creamy taste that lingers in your mouth after smoking it.


The distinctive aroma of the Durban Poison strain is sweet and spicy at the same time. The plant’s scent is similar to a full chai tea cup.


The elevating benefits of the Poison Durban assist consumers in going about their regular lives. It offers a clear high that won’t make you feel worn out or stoned. Poison Durban encourages you to manage stress rather than inducing thinking detachment.