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Sativa Cannabis Strains

Sativa cannabis is one of three top cannabis strains currently classified. Other popular cannabis strains are indica cannabis and hybrid cannabis strains.

The reason cannabis dispensaries categorize marijuana with strain information is so people considering purchasing cannabis products can understand the different effects of ingesting the cannabis plant. Sativa cannabis strains tend to have more energetic effects compared to the counterpoint to indica cannabis strains, which are considered more sedative and produce an all over body buzz.

Budtenders at Vibe cannabis dispensaries can guide you through a selection of over 500+ marijuana products. Sativa cannabis strains primarily offer the effects of energy, creativity, or focus. An indica cannabis strain will produce an all over body relaxation and calm, relief from stress or pain and ease the body to help you sleep. Hybrid cannabis strains often lean toward being either sativa dominant or indica dominant in effects and overall offer a combination of cannabis effects.

Many visitors to Vibe by California tell us they select sativa strains to manage symptoms of anxiety or other cognitive or mood disorders, including depression and ADHD.

The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly and now with access to provide study and data from science to develop cannabis strains. Many of the modern, popular marijuana strains are hybrids of indica and sativa and can be reliably attributed to be either sativa or indica dominant in their effect on the body. Overall, there are less sativa marijuana strains available and more indica strains. And many of the newer forms of cannabis concentrates, live resins and dabs are considered hybrid strains because they are derived from a process that combines the cannabis flower from both strains to produce the cannabis product.

Since each person’s chemistry is different, it’s always a good practice to “go slow” when ingesting strong sativa strains to check out and see if the effect is right for your needs.

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