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Hype Cannabis Co.

All Vibe by California Cannabis Dispensaries offer exclusive access to Hype Cannabis Co. products. Hype artisan cultivators take pride in producing handcrafted, hand-selected cannabis products, with nothing added that shouldn’t be and purity being top priority.

A limited supply of Hype Cannabis Co. “Jumbo Clones” are available at a dispensary near you year round. Hype clones are considered “jumbo” because they are in larger pots and have more established root systems, making it easy to succeed growing your own marijuana plants, even if you’re a first time cannabis grower.

Hype Cannabis Co. marijuana strains are bred to energize, motivate, and fire up the creative juices and overall amplify and elevate everything you do. Live your ideal life, however you define it. And elevate with Hype.

All Hype Cannabis Co. Products are Grown in California for you with love.

Experience being hyped on life. It’s Legit. (You deserve it!)

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