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Mother’s Milk is a mostly Sativa strain with typical sativa characteristics and effects. The strain get’s it’s name from the milky hued abundant trichomes that create a frosty coating on the leaves and flowers.

Like other sativas, it delivers an undoubtedly more stimulating and uplifting experience than its indica relatives. Although it has a heady feeling, you might also feel a buzz of activity. It offers an immediate and decisive full-body high and overall sense of well-being.

Mother’s Milk definitely fuels creativity and contemplation but without causing the dreaded jitters or couch-lock. The first sensations felt take effect immediately with a tingling throughout the body. The flower has a lovely earthy scent thanks to the abundant terpenes.

Mother’s Milk Strain Effects

You can anticipate feeling energized within a few minutes of inhaling this pleasant smoke, most likely due to its Sativa dominance. Although your senses may be tingling and you feel happy you’ll remain highly aware and capable of handling daily activities.

The fantastic thing about Mother’s Milk is the effects will be buzzing and you’ll still be alert without any drowsiness even several hours after ingesting it. Anticipate feeling peaceful and relaxed as the high wears off gradually. This cannabis experience is right for anyone looking to move beyond the hectic day and any worries while maintaining a sense of absolute control over their body and mind.

Health and Wellness Boosts from Mother’s Milk Strain

Due to its capacity to relieve unpleasant conditions, Mother’s Milk is popular among cannabis users. It can reduce mild anxiety quickly and replace it with a sense of overall wellbeing. Additionally, it can soothe the pain in muscles overworked at the gym. Finally, it can be a fantastic option for those who struggle with insomnia and aid in total body relaxation, making it easier to fall into a peaceful sleep.

The early onset is energizing and the effects of the strain can result in optimistic thinking and a joyful mood. It’s a popular choice for cannabis fans who are looking to ease mild mental health conditions like anxiety, and even lift the veil of depression. Mother’s Milk is truly an ideal strain beginners and first time cannabis users who may be put off or concerned about the high THC content in some of the newer marijuana strains available.

As always, we recommend consulting with your health care professional when considering using cannabis to treat any health conditions or medical conditions. Strain effects and potency can vary widely between cultivators and brands and your health care provider will be the most reliable source and guide for you to follow.

Physical Effects are Minimal

As we already noted, this strain isn’t exceptionally potent, especially compared to others on the market, so there’s not much cause for concern. It can, however, be exceedingly arid. As a result, smokers may experience itchy eyes, which usually subside quickly. Additionally, you can get a parched mouth, so keep yourself hydrated throughout the smoke to minimize this. In connection with this, you might also notice that the tension causes a mild cough that passes quickly.

7 of the Top Terpenes Found in Mother’s Milk Strain

If you want to unwind, Mother’s Milk is a strain you’ll adore. This strain offers its users a superb taste while providing overall relaxation and stress relief making it easy to unwind. In addition, this strain has warm, pleasant, refreshingly sweet, earthy flavors. The top 7 terpenes found in Mother’s Milk nd their effects are:

Myrcene – known for its sedative and pain-relieving properties.

Limonene – known for its uplifting and anti-anxiety properties.

Caryophyllene – known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Pinene – known for its bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory properties.

Terpinolene – known for its sedative and antioxidant properties.

Linalool – known for its calming and anti-anxiety properties.

Humulene – known for its appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the best ways to gauge your experiences with cannabis is by getting to know terpenes and their effects. Any legal dispensary has knowledgable budtenders who are trained with this knowledge and happy to guide you to the type of products and experience you are looking for.

Some Final Words on Mother’s Milk Strain

Mother’s Milk is one of the newer cannabis strains produced in the legal cannabis business in California. Strains are regulated in California and only legally registered strains can be grown in the State.

The experience and effects of Mother’s Milk, a sativa dominant hybrid strain, encourage either action or rest. The strain has a relaxing sedative effect that is gives an overall sense of wellbeing and relief from the pressures of daily life. Mother’s Milk can ease stress, depression, minor aches and pains, and muscular spasms. Feel good and let the stress of the day fade by experiencing Mother’s Milk. Mother’s Milk is only produced by a select few growers in California. To find Mother’s Milk consistently, Vibe Dispensaries have an exclusive deal with Hype Cannabis Co., one of the State’s premiere Northern California Cannabis Cultivators.

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